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How to get the most out of your bank account

Banks like AIG and Bank of America have faced intense scrutiny in recent months over their handling of the financial crisis.Now it looks like they’re also facing scrutiny for their financial management systems, too.Financial management companies have been warning that they’re facing growing competition from technology companies like AIM, which have recently emerged as a […]

The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is “worse than dead,” according to a report from a former senior manager.The report by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) states that FINRA “is so bad that it is no longer even in existence.”The report claims that FINRAs “have grown so big and so complicated that they are incapable of holding their own and they need to be replaced by something even worse.”The Center for Responsive Politics (CREEP) released the following statement on Thursday, August 20, 2017: “FINRA is the financial industry’s top regulatory agency, and it is worse than dead. It is so bad it is virtually nonexistent, but it is far too powerful and unaccountable for it to be a threat to the American people. It has become a giant revolving door of financial power that has driven up the cost of financial services, driven up costs of living, driven down the quality of life for Americans and has put the entire economy at risk. “There are only two options left: a financial regulator that can act independently, or a supervisory board that is too cozy with the financial sector to be credible.”The

continues: “There is one obvious solution: the president appoints a new regulator with the experience and the resources to run the agency.But this is unlikely to happen.“These commissioners could also consider whether to take action to make it easier for small businesses to file complaints with the regulator and to hold accountable financial companies that […]

When is a crisis worth paying $1 million for?

Posted March 08, 2018 09:13:15In the last few years, financial services firms have been the biggest culprits of the financial crisis, accounting for roughly 80 per cent of the losses suffered by the U.S. economy.The sector was already suffering from the downturn and has been under heavy scrutiny in recent months for its inability to […]

‘The Bigger Picture’: How the New York Fed is Helping Banks Get Out of Debt

The New York Federal Reserve, one of the nation’s top financial institutions, is helping banks get out of debt with the $600 billion it spent on mortgage-backed securities.The agency announced the program Wednesday. In a press release, the agency noted that it was “a significant step toward providing a stable, low-interest loan portfolio to eligible borrowers […]

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