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How to use this guide to make sure your business is financially sound

Financial management fees are becoming increasingly important for businesses across the globe.While some firms are now using these fees to get their financial house in order, others are making their own way of managing their financials.And one of the biggest fees that most people don’t pay is their broker’s fee.But what are these fees?Here’s what […]

The ‘Bank of Ireland’ is to receive £3bn in EU aid

Ireland’s new Government has announced that it will receive £4bn in direct and indirect financial support from the EU.It will include a new, €8bn scheme for Irish banks to help them cope with the Brexit fallout.Mr Noonan’s government is seeking to reduce its reliance on the EU bailout and is seeking the backing of other […]

How a company’s financial management can be improved

FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT FOR BUSINESSes are often at a disadvantage when it comes to financial planning, a new study shows.The research by financial management consultancy Mintel and research firm McKinsey found that businesses face a lot of pressure to improve their financial health, which can be especially tough for those in small or medium-sized businesses.In addition, […]

When are the best times to invest?

The most reliable currency, the euro, is trading at a historic low against the dollar.The US dollar is trading near parity against the yen.It’s hard to know what the future holds for the dollar and the euro.In the past few months, the dollar has fallen to levels that it hasn’t touched since the end of […]

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