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How to manage your financial disclosure and tax compliance requirements

Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) is a key part of ensuring you’re able to access your financial data safely and effectively.It allows you to make informed decisions about your finances and to manage tax liabilities and assets on a tax-efficient and transparent basis.The FDM checklist helps you make the most of your time and money by […]

How to get your tax return done in 2019

As the 2017 tax year approaches, it’s time to get back to work.But there’s still plenty of time to do the hard work of filing your federal taxes.In this series of posts, we’ll be covering everything from how to prepare your tax returns for 2019, to what your refund might look like, to how to […]

Which college finance degree is right for you?

The best finance degree for the 21st century is increasingly becoming a moot point, as many graduates find their skills have been diluted by the rise of online financial management software and financial education marketing platforms.A recent report from the National Center for Education Statistics found that financial education students have been pushed out of […]

How a church accountant got fired for not disclosing income

Church accountant Mark Boulton was fired by his employer in August after reporting that the church had received $4.5 million from a tax refund in a previous year.Boulton said in a statement that the IRS has been in contact with him and the church, which had no immediate comment.Boucher is the second church accountant fired […]

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