The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) is “worse than dead,” according to a report from a former senior manager.The report by the Center for Public Integrity (CPI) states that FINRA “is so bad that it is no longer even in existence.”The report claims that FINRAs “have grown so big and so complicated that they are incapable of holding their own and they need to be replaced by something even worse.”The Center for Responsive Politics (CREEP) released the following statement on Thursday, August 20, 2017: “FINRA is the financial industry’s top regulatory agency, and it is worse than dead. It is so bad it is virtually nonexistent, but it is far too powerful and unaccountable for it to be a threat to the American people. It has become a giant revolving door of financial power that has driven up the cost of financial services, driven up costs of living, driven down the quality of life for Americans and has put the entire economy at risk. “There are only two options left: a financial regulator that can act independently, or a supervisory board that is too cozy with the financial sector to be credible.”The

continues: “There is one obvious solution: the president appoints a new regulator with the experience and the resources to run the agency.But this is unlikely to happen.“These commissioners could also consider whether to take action to make it easier for small businesses to file complaints with the regulator and to hold accountable financial companies that […]

Finkler to pay $1 billion to regulators

Finklers management finagling of the MF Global scandal could lead to more than $1.4 billion in fines for the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority, the agency that regulates Wall Street.The $1-billion fine comes from the agency’s investigation of MF Global and other Wall Street firms for failing to disclose the potential financial risks they could pose […]

When you want to take the next step, Eley Financial Management has you covered

Fisher Financial Management, one of the leading financial asset management companies in the U.S., has been on the cutting edge of financial asset development for more than 40 years.Its financial management team has developed more than 200 different types of financial assets and leveraged their financial assets to deliver financial assets that have been used […]

The first big step in the new world of finance: Financial advisers

The first step in a new world that will soon be opening up in Ireland is the introduction of financial advisers.The Government is to introduce legislation next month that will allow people with financial problems to receive financial advice from financial advisers in the first place.The legislation follows on from the introduction in January of […]

Which of the latest investment tools are the most secure?

Posted February 07, 2018 07:11:00A security researcher at CrowdStrike recently released a video showing how the malware that infects a banking system in a major city can be detected in just a few seconds.The video, titled “CrowdStrike’s Banking Exploit” shows how the attackers used a simple JavaScript file called a JavaScript debugger to execute a […]

Why is the cost of a retirement plan going up? – In the US, retirement plans have gone up over the last decade.But are the financial plans they provide really helping?The question has come up frequently during the financial crisis.Some retirement experts argue that it’s the cost they have to bear in a market crash that makes people want to save.But in an article […]

How to manage your Parnell’s financial management practices

Financial management practices are the practices that manage your financial affairs and allow you to plan for the future.This guide will help you to understand what financial management is and how to get started.Parnells financial management policies are designed to ensure you have a good level of control over your finances and to help you […]

How to spot a financial manager in the crowd

It is no secret that the profession of financial management has a reputation for being intimidating and demanding.Yet as the world’s financial system has grown ever more complex, the need to be the expert has never been greater.As a result, the field has been increasingly diversified, with a variety of companies offering financial services, and […]

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