A new financial management tool for parsec users

Financial management is an important topic for many parsec developers, especially those who work with parsec-based applications.There are a number of tools to help manage parsec applications and parsecs assets, but this new one, which is currently available for testing, can be very helpful to those using parsec for daily work.The tool, called Parsec Financial […]

How the US government uses the tax code to raise billions for financial management

A few days after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, the IRS issued a memo instructing financial managers to avoid making the annual financial disclosure required by law.In the memo, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) warned managers that the IRS would “take enforcement action if you fail to report your financial interest in or ownership of a […]

Why the tramway’s greenfields financial model is dead

A greenfield financial management company has been shut down by its owners, according to its former CEO.The Stirling Company was set up in 1999 to help manage the land and property owned by the tramways Tramway Company Limited and the City of Stirling and was one of several financial management companies that was founded to […]

How Preston Financial Management Can Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

Preston Financial Group, a leading provider of financial planning services, offers a range of financial products that meet the needs of clients in their daily lives. Read more…Preston Financial provides the following financial planning products: Financial Planner (Preston Financial) – This financial planner is designed to help you determine your financial objectives and plan your […]

How to use a financial management tool

From an investment perspective, you want to use an asset management tool that allows you to compare the value of your portfolio to other investments.If the returns are better than your investments, you can sell the investment.If you are looking for a different asset management strategy, you might look into a stock-picking tool.The two most […]

When is a crisis worth paying $1 million for?

Posted March 08, 2018 09:13:15In the last few years, financial services firms have been the biggest culprits of the financial crisis, accounting for roughly 80 per cent of the losses suffered by the U.S. economy.The sector was already suffering from the downturn and has been under heavy scrutiny in recent months for its inability to […]

How to get started with your own online investment bank, in just 30 minutes

It’s been more than a decade since financial services companies started to open their own financial services accounts and businesses.But the internet has revolutionized how investors can access and manage their money.Here are some ways you can get started now.

‘The Bigger Picture’: How the New York Fed is Helping Banks Get Out of Debt

The New York Federal Reserve, one of the nation’s top financial institutions, is helping banks get out of debt with the $600 billion it spent on mortgage-backed securities.The agency announced the program Wednesday. In a press release, the agency noted that it was “a significant step toward providing a stable, low-interest loan portfolio to eligible borrowers […]

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