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Financial Management Certification, Gerber, and the Next Big Thing

Financial management certification is a buzzword in financial planning circles these days.For years, many people assumed the certification would only be offered to those with financial literacy and knowledge of financial management.Well, those expectations have been dashed. For a long time, it was assumed the exam would only require passing a few basic concepts, such as […]

What is CLSCO’s plan for the future?

CLARKE FINANCIAL MANAGEMENT has been scrambling for new ways to raise money since it filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in December.The firm’s former chief executive officer, Robert McClain, and his successor, William Fink, are both expected to return to the company in coming weeks.But the company’s chief financial officer, Peter Clary, will not be […]

What you need to know about outsourcing financial management essentials

When you are a financial manager, the job of managing your assets, your liabilities and your capital is not easy.That’s the main reason why most of us are outsourcing the financial management of our businesses.We need to manage those assets and liabilities and capital more effectively.With more and more financial products, services and services offered […]

Why You Should Stop Being Afraid of Your Finkler Financial Management Journal

“We have been told that Finklers are too high-risk, too risky, and that we should stop using them.”This is nonsense.A lot of the work that Finklelers are doing is actually pretty smart.Finkleler Financial management is a well-respected academic journal that has been cited by some of the biggest financial institutions in the world.It has an […]

Why a financial manager needs to be in the ‘cash business’

Posted March 27, 2018 06:33:47 When financial management is all about the numbers, the cash business is not only what you need, but what you should also be working on.It is the only business where you have to keep the numbers down and have a strong sense of self-confidence.But in today’s financial environment, there are […]

Which companies are doing the best job of controlling their finances?

It’s not that there aren’t good companies doing the job, it’s just that they’re doing it poorly.The world’s largest financial services company, JP Morgan, has been ranked as the worst performing company in its industry, according to a new report by Credit Suisse.The bank has seen its stock price drop by 17% in the last […]

‘Cash’ not as important as ‘value’ for retail, says chief executive

The top retail executive for Wells Fargo & Co. has told shareholders that “cash is not as crucial as value.”In an investor call on Tuesday, CEO David Wells Fargo said that while the retail banking division’s financial products and services “have proven a major strength,” the company is also adding value with other products and […]

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