Hyperion to pay $500 million for Morgan Stanley

Hyperion has entered a partnership with Morgan Stanley to pay a record $500m to buy out its financial services arm.

Hyperion announced today that it has reached a strategic agreement with Morgan, the US-based financial services firm, to pay up to $500million for the acquisition of the bank’s Financial Markets Group and its assets.

Morgan Stanley will become a wholly owned subsidiary of Hyperion.

Under the agreement, Hyperion will own and manage about a third of the firm’s $3.2 trillion balance sheet.

The firm will retain all of the investment bank’s assets, including some in the US.

The deal is expected to close by the end of the year.

Hyperion said the deal, worth around $500-million per share, will be fully funded through a dividend and a capital return payment. 

The acquisition of Hyperions financial services group and assets will be valued at around $3 billion and includes Morgan Stanley’s financial services business and its operations in the United States, according to Hyperion’s chief executive, Terry McNeill.

The Morgan Stanley deal is one of several transactions in the financial services space that has led to the largest investment by a US financial institution since Citigroup took control of the asset management and asset management business in 2008. 

Hyperion has also been working on a deal with Deutsche Bank, the German bank that manages $2.7 trillion of assets, to buy back about $3 trillion in Deutsche Bank’s assets and $2 trillion in its own debt.

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