How to manage your financial disclosure and tax compliance requirements

Financial Disclosure Management (FDM) is a key part of ensuring you’re able to access your financial data safely and effectively.

It allows you to make informed decisions about your finances and to manage tax liabilities and assets on a tax-efficient and transparent basis.

The FDM checklist helps you make the most of your time and money by identifying common financial challenges, identifying where to focus your financial resources and creating the right financial structure to address them.

Here are the steps you should take to make sure you’re meeting your financial obligations.

Read more about FDM here.


Identify common financial concerns to take into account When you first start out, there are many different things that can affect your financial and tax obligations.

This checklist will help you identify those issues and ensure that you’re in compliance.


Identifying the financial challenges that affect your finances If you’ve ever had a financial problem, there’s no doubt that your financial situation can get worse the more you have to spend.

Here’s a guide to help you deal with these financial issues: • If you’re a pensioner or pensioner dependent, you may have a pension that’s in arrears.

If you don’t meet your pension’s income, you could end up paying tax on your pension instead of paying income tax.

• If your family’s finances are under strain, you might be facing a shortfall in your wages or an unexpected debt.

• You might be dealing with a new child or childless partner.

• Your savings and savings account are at risk of being wiped out.

• There are unforeseen expenses and expenses that you can’t pay.

• The cost of living and housing costs are rising.

• Any other unforeseen expenses are increasing your monthly tax bill.

You might find that you need to pay more tax on a smaller income than you might normally be able to afford.

Here is a checklist to help identify the issues that can impact your financial affairs: • Your tax returns are incomplete, or you may not be able do your due diligence.

• Financial reports are incomplete or inaccurate.

• Debt collection and debt collection agencies are not providing you with timely responses to your debts.

• Credit scores are too low or have dropped to the point where you don´t qualify for a mortgage.

• Social security numbers are not current and/or incorrect.

• Public transport fares are increasing.

• In order to avoid paying income taxes, you can end up spending more than your income, which can lead to tax evasion.

• Existing debts are still outstanding.

• Tax credits you received from a previous tax year are no longer available.

• An unexpected tax refund is coming due, or your payment is due.

• Interest rates are too high.

• Unforeseen financial hardship is affecting your life.

• A family member’s health is compromised.

• Accidental illness is preventing you from working.

• Missing an appointment to receive medical treatment, or a payment to a hospital is delayed.

• Changes to the way you use the internet and social media are affecting your finances.

• Other unforeseen costs are preventing you and your family from accessing the services that you would normally use to access the services you need.

• These types of financial issues are common.

You should work out how to address each one of these concerns before you start managing your finances on a budget.

• This checklist can help you get to the top of your financial goals, but it’s also important to understand that you should not simply “redo” your financial health.

It’s important to maintain a plan and stick to it.

Make sure you have the right finances and that you are managing them in the right way.


Identification of where to spend your time, money and resources The checklist also identifies the areas that can be of particular use.

If your current budget is too small, you need a better understanding of what you can do to ensure you are getting the best possible results from your financial management.

You can find this in our guide to saving money and maximising your savings here.


Identifies where to allocate your financial assets If you can identify which areas of your finances are most critical, you’ll be able better allocate your resources to address the issues.

You’ll also be able reduce the likelihood of unforeseen financial difficulties arising.

For example, if you’re dealing with the costs of childcare or a childless relationship, you want to ensure that the money you are saving is not being spent on the things that could be used to pay the bills.

If a family member has a child, you will want to minimise the time that your spouse is away from the home, such as childcare.

If there is an unexpected financial hardship or an unforeseen loss of income, your priorities may change.

You may want to look at whether you can afford to pay your mortgage first.


Identifiers to use to find financial issues To identify areas of concern, use a checklist of

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