Month: September 2021

‘Cash’ not as important as ‘value’ for retail, says chief executive

The top retail executive for Wells Fargo & Co. has told shareholders that “cash is not as crucial as value.”In an investor call on Tuesday, CEO David Wells Fargo said that while the retail banking division’s financial products and services “have proven a major strength,” the company is also adding value with other products and […]

How to get your tax return done in 2019

As the 2017 tax year approaches, it’s time to get back to work.But there’s still plenty of time to do the hard work of filing your federal taxes.In this series of posts, we’ll be covering everything from how to prepare your tax returns for 2019, to what your refund might look like, to how to […]

A new ‘financial management’ tool for small businesses

The Indian Financial Management Association (IFA) has released a new financial management tool called ‘FMS’.It is based on financial management software that is currently used by many small businesses, which provides them with a number of tools to manage their finances.“The main goal of this tool is to empower businesses to become more efficient and […]

Why Trump won’t cut taxes for billionaires

Donald Trump may have lost the popular vote, but the billionaire businessman is expected to be inaugurated on January 20 as the 45th President of the United States.The presumptive Republican nominee, who has promised to lower taxes on the wealthy, will be inaugurating with a tax plan that would provide a massive boost to the […]

Which Financial Advisors Are the Best?

A financial advisor may have some basic financial literacy, but a lot of people don’t have any.That’s because the financial industry is so fragmented, with different types of advisors competing for the same jobs.There’s no way to get a clear picture of the best financial advisers on the market.This article compares the financial adviser market […]

“Financial Management” Jobs for Blended Credit: Blended Finance Manager job post

Blended finance manager jobs are a growing sector and we’ve compiled a list of the top jobs for them.The first thing to note is that Blended Financial Management (BFM) isn’t just a finance-focused job, it’s a career opportunity.The BFM is currently a full-time, job-related position, with a salary range of $75,000-$100,000.While it may seem like […]

How to spot a fraudster: The best way to detect fraud at the right time

More than one million Australians are potentially at risk of financial crime.But what’s the best way for you to know if someone you know is using a scam to commit financial fraud?Here are the best financial management tools available.1.Your bank account If you’ve been charged with a financial offence and are in trouble with your […]

How to Save Money Using a Money-Saving Strategy

In a bid to save money, some people spend more money than they can afford.They spend more on things they can’t afford and then borrow from their savings, they pay a higher interest rate and take out a bigger loan, they spend more in debt.But in an effort to save on debt, you can also […]

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