Which of these tech startups is your favorite?

It’s a question that every investor in tech is asking themselves.

Which one is your favourite?

And if you’re wondering what your favourite startups are, it’s time to answer that question with this quick guide.1.

Airbnb and its growing platform2.

Airbnb: A tech startup that helps people find places to live, stay, and work3.

Airbnb for travel: A travel-focused app that lets you book, book, find, and book a place4.

Airbnb app for home: An app that connects Airbnb users to local businesses and hosts5.

Airbnb-powered home rentals: A service that lets people rent out their own homes6.

Airbnb platform for renting out your own homes: An Airbnb-based platform that lets users rent out properties in their home7.

Airbnb home security system: A home security app that can be used to monitor your home for security breaches and malware8.

Airbnb travel app: A free travel app for travelers9.

Airbnb community for travelers: A place to connect with fellow travelers and share stories10.

Airbnb rental calculator: A way to compare rental properties and compare rents with friends and families11.

Airbnb to travel: Travel apps that let you book and book and find and book places12.

Airbnb gift card: A card that lets someone earn 10% back on their Airbnb rental13.

Airbnb search: A site that allows you to find and find what you’re looking for14.

Airbnb reviews: A website that helps you compare different Airbnb rentals15.

Airbnb hotel reservation site: A hotel reservation search site16.

Airbnb credit card: Get a credit card that allows travelers to book rooms with hotel guests17.

Airbnb vacation: A vacation-focused site that lets travelers book a vacation, stay at a vacation spot, or stay in a vacation home18.

Airbnb video app: An online video chat app that allows users to connect and share photos and videos19.

Airbnb mobile app: The mobile app lets you take a video tour20.

Airbnb house search: The website lets you find your home and book it online21.

Airbnb event booking: A company that allows people to book hotel stays, events, and gatherings22.

Airbnb booking portal: A portal for hotel booking, events and gatherings23.

Airbnb real estate website: A real estate site that helps users locate and book homes and properties24.

Airbnb short-term rentals: Short-term rental services, like Airbnb-owned short-time rental services that let people rent a room for short periods of time, and rentals that are for less than a month25.

Airbnb website for homeowners: A property listing website for people who want to buy a home26.

Airbnb guest bookings: A guest listing site for guests who want a guest to stay in their house27.

Airbnb virtual tour: A virtual tour site for visitors to tour their home28.

Airbnb marketplace: An international marketplace where you can find all sorts of services and products29.

Airbnb restaurant reservation: A restaurant reservation search website30.

Airbnb rentals: Rooms that allow guests to rent out rooms for short- or long-term stays31.

Airbnb events: Events that are typically hosted at restaurants, hotels, and other lodging facilities, like concerts, sporting events, shows, and festivals.32.

Airbnb service for the homeless: A program that allows the homeless to rent a home, and provides services like meal vouchers and access to a library33.

Airbnb food truck: A food truck that allows guests to take a meal out and order it34.

Airbnb tours: A tour site that shows you the best places to stay near your home35.

Airbnb hotels: A popular service that helps hosts book properties in hotels and other property rentals36.

Airbnb bookings for pets: A pet booking service that allows pets to book homes with owners37.

Airbnb tour business: A booking site for tour business venues that let visitors book tours to a business that has been recently renovated or is about to be renovated38.

Airbnb property management: A mobile app that helps property owners manage their properties39.

Airbnb online store: A marketplace where property owners can sell, rent, or buy property40.

Airbnb family business: The platform lets people sell and rent out family-owned businesses, like restaurants, cafes, and bars41.

Airbnb housing: A housing marketplace where homeowners can sell their properties and arrange for others to rent their homes42.

Airbnb car rental: A car rental website43.

Airbnb security: A security website44.

Airbnb mortgage calculator: An application that lets customers compare and save on mortgage rates45.

Airbnb payments: A payments app that gives you the option to pay for things with PayPal or credit card46.

Airbnb deals: Deals and promotions on sites like eBay, Amazon, and Flipkart47.

Airbnb payment portal: An mobile payment portal that lets your friends and family make payments for things like gas, groceries, or rent that are delivered to their home48.

Airbnb flight booking: Flight reservations that can include the cost of the flight, the cost to arrive, and the cost for landing

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