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Posted February 07, 2018 07:11:00A security researcher at CrowdStrike recently released a video showing how the malware that infects a banking system in a major city can be detected in just a few seconds.

The video, titled “CrowdStrike’s Banking Exploit” shows how the attackers used a simple JavaScript file called a JavaScript debugger to execute a malicious code on the system, as well as a malicious JavaScript file to trigger a denial of service (DoS) attack.

In the video, the attackers also used a tool called an exploit kit, which allows them to bypass security protections on a system to take control of it.

They also took advantage of vulnerabilities in Microsoft’s Windows Defender to exploit a vulnerability in the way the Windows Defender system processes user data.

Crowdstrike says in the video that “The attackers exploited several security holes in Microsoft Windows Defender and exploited the same vulnerabilities in Windows Defender 10 to steal $1 million from the bank.”

In other words, the attack appears to have targeted banks in large cities like Boston, New York City, and Washington, DC.

In a blog post on Friday, Crowdstrike’s CEO Dmitri Alperovitch said the attack was part of a broader effort to take advantage of “several vulnerabilities in the Windows 10 operating system to perform DDoS attacks.”

The video also highlights the fact that some of the banks are not able to do much to stop the attack because they are not protected by antivirus software.

Alpervitch also said that the attackers’ success is a good reminder that “the most secure way to protect yourself from malware is to protect the things that you trust the most.”

Cynthia Taggart, an analyst with cybersecurity firm Gartner, said that her company is still learning about how these attacks work.

“It’s clear that this isn’t a new threat, and it is not an isolated attack,” she told Ars.

“The attacks are occurring as the financial systems of major cities are increasingly under attack by ransomware.”

Taggart said that some banks are actually “not even aware that they are at risk” of being targeted.

“These banks are in a position where they are able to protect themselves against this attack by having an antivirus and other security software that they have been using,” she said.

“But, the problem is, they aren’t being able to properly protect themselves.

If they were, they would have a better chance of getting away with it.”

Targets and attacks:Crowdsstrike also released an analysis of the attackers, which it called “a new type of banking Trojan.”

In that analysis, it found that the malware targets the banking system by using a JavaScript library called “cairo.js” to launch a command-and-control (C&C) server on the target system.

That JavaScript code also runs the “finance.dll” program, which is used to process banking transactions, and “the banking.dll.js,” which is the malware code that creates a fake banking account and sends a banking transaction to a fake account.

In total, the analysis found that “crowdstrike found that over 300 banks in major cities were infected by this banking Trojan,” and that “C&Cs are responsible for the majority of these attacks.” 

Taggerts group said that while she believes that the attack has been “hacked to target financial institutions, they are likely not the only banks that have been attacked.”

“This is not a new type attack,” Taggert said.

She noted that a similar attack against banks in the Philippines was recently revealed, which resulted in the arrest of two suspects.

“While we believe the attacks are similar, the targeting and the timing are different,” Tager said.

The attack on the financial system “could have potentially impacted many other institutions,” Tagging said.

In its blog post, CrowdStrike said that it believes the attackers are using a technique called “malicious DDoS” to get around its antivirus protection.

The malware attacks a server and then a remote access point (RAP) server, where the attackers then send commands to the remote RAP to execute code that runs on the victim system.

In this attack, the malware also targets a vulnerable file called “fob.dll.”

The “fobo.dll,” as well the “Cairo.dll”, are both vulnerable to a CVE-2017-5034 vulnerability.

“This vulnerability allows an attacker to execute arbitrary code on a target computer or remote server,” the company said.

In short, the attacks work because they can bypass security protection on a victim system to cause a denial-of-service (DoS), or a server crash.

“We believe this is a new attack that targets financial institutions,” Alpervich said in the blog post.

“We are aware of this attack on a number of financial institutions. We are

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